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Friday 4 March 2011


Antonio Guzman Capel is a Spanish painter born in Tetuan in 1960, though he has lived most of his life in the city of Palencia (Spain). Self-taught artist, from early childhood he showed natural talent for drawing and painting. His first exhibition was made when he was only 11 years, holding a new exhibition each year, and at 14 he exhibited his work in Switzerland and was considered by local critics as a genius of painting, since it was not known at that time any artist endowed with the power to make a work of such quality at such a young age.

He paints portraits, figures, bullfighting themes, landscapes, genre scenes ... and it is appreciated at his work his great admiration and influence of the paintings of Vermeer and Velazquez.

He has had many exhibitions throughout his career, has received numerous awards and his paintings can be enjoyed in museums of many Spanish cities, such as: Madrid, León, Granada, Ceuta, Ciudad Real, Ayllón, Segovia ... ...

Here I leave some of his works. Enjoy them and have a nice carnival weekend!

They look like real photographs, don't they?


  1. Stopping by to say you have a blog award waiting at

  2. Hi Semester, thanks for this blog award! I will go to your blog to pick it up as soon as possible and bring it here to follow the game. Meanwhile let us enjoy this Saturday carnival!

  3. Dear friend Nieves, through your blog I've known works fantastic I have never seen before, I did not know them. I like a lot of paintings that depict realities that we can look and understand what the artist felt.


  4. Hi Sissym, I am very glad you (and other people who visit this blog) can know about many Spanish artists works, perhaps not as well known as typical and famous Goya or Velazquez but certainly very good indeed. Lots of hugs and kisses my friend, and have a lovely Carnival Sunday in your beautiful land!

  5. Krasne fotografie,bravo,moc se mne libit.Skvela atmosfera.Dekuji za podivat. Pozdrav od Petr....
    fotos hermosas, bravo, yo también libit.Skvela atmosfera.Dekuji para buscar. Saludos de Pedro.

  6. Petr, ¡bienvenido por aqui! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y por hacerte seguidor tambien de este blog, eres muy amable.

    Me alegro de que te hayan gustado las pinturas de Guzman Capel, son increiblemente realistas ¿verdad?

    Un fuerte abrazo,


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