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Thursday, 2 September 2010


Maybe you will remember in the last Football World Cup about the romance story between the Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas and the beautiful sport TV journalist Sara Carbonero. Well, in that venue this journalist used to wear some colourful bracelets with a cross hanging in her right wrist, which finally turned out to be the fashion summer bracelets and many Spanish girls wanted to wear them.
Since the journalist Sara Carbonero took them in the World Cup and Shakira also took them with her Roberto Cavalli dress at the closing ceremony, these bracelets have become so fashionable that they have been the most wanted add-Summer (even I couldn't resist myself buying some of them for me as summer presents for friends during my last holidays on the beach).

But I wondered where these bracelets come from?  and I found out that they come from Brazil and are actually called decennary, because it has 10 small knots used to count the Hail Marys of the Rosary. Even for some time Cristiano Ronaldo kept carrying rosaries like these in his neck becoming quite fashionable too. And although it is clear that the religious meaning has lost all its value, without any doubt they have become the summer fashion icon because and indeed  it is a very simple attachment, but nice to take and colourful, you can find it in all colors of the rainbow.

They are made of wire (the acrylic is best to braid) and one end hangs the cross of life and it is not very complicated to make them if you are a bit handy.

And in order for you to see that it is not so difficult to make them by yourself I enclose this video below which will teach you how to make them in a very simple way as you can see. Enjoy and have a try if you wish to have your own Sara Carbonero cross bracelets before the summer ends!


  1. Esta chica al final marca tendencia...


    Suerte en el concurso.

  2. Mar, es cierto que esta chica al final se va a terminar convirtiendo en todo un icono de la moda y de hecho ya la he visto por ahí haciendo un anuncio de algún producto para el pelo. Muchos besos y suerte para ti también en el concurso con tus estupendos blogs,


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