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Wednesday, 5 May 2010


you can see the restaurant at the back of this photo

Cuchilleros arch

Located on Cuchilleros street near the famous Plaza Mayor, Botin is one of the most famous Castillian restaurants of Madrid, a traditional cuisine.

According to the Guinnes Book of Records this is the world's oldest restaurant, dating from 1725. The restaurant is also mentioned in several books and Goya supposedly worked here before becoming a painter. American writer Ernest Hemingway was a frequent visitor and quoted it as one of his favourite restaurants.

Botin was founded by a Frenchman, Jean Botin and his wife, and was originally called Casa Botín. It was inherited by a nephew of theirs called Candido Remis, thus explaining the change of name to Sobrino de Botin, which survives to this day.

Today the restaurant is decidedly a tourist spot, since it appears in so many guides. Along with many tourists coming from abroad still many Spaniards go there also to taste the excellent food, whose especialities are cochinillo asado (roast suckling pig) and cordero asado (roast lamb), though the restaurant serves fantastic dishes and has a relaxed atmosphere characterized by an old world charm.

The restaurant is housed in a XVI century building in the old part of Madrid and it consists of four floors of tiled, word-beamed dining rooms, with caste-iron ovens several centuries old. As you eat, you may find yourself serenaded by the occasional “tuna” a musical group formed by College students and playing traditional songs in traditional dress, complete with knickerbockers.

Many famous people has visited it such as King and Queen of Spain, several Presidents of many countries, actors, artists, writers…… and even Frank Sinatra tried to buy it for 8.000.000 pesetas!

For all these reasons written above to visit Botin it's really a must when visiting Spain’s capital and by the way…….. I forgot to tell you that my father worked there for 45 years until he retired some years ago and now he spends smoothly half his life in the relaxing Mediterranean coast and half in Madrid cooking for my lucky mother!

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  1. This place would be a great reason to visit, it looks very interesting.

  2. Welcome to my blog Glennis and I hope you can come to Madrid some day and try this old restaurant. Hugs and have a nice weekend!

  3. Great post! And as a side note, The shop next to the top of the stairs is one of my favorites for hand craft merchandise from Madrid! We had a great time! I had the Filet Botin and it rocked!

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    This is a great blog! Botin is a traditional restaurant offering mediterranean cuisine. Thank you...

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