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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Sueca is a town in the province of Valencia, on the east coast and it is the rice ambassador par excellence. The rice is the main cultivation on the Ribeira Baixa (where Sueca town is).

During 50 years a prestigious contest has been held there: The International Valencian Paella Contest. Today the 50th celebration has taken place in Sueca and 50 restaurants from Spain and from other countries, like Japan have participated.

The winner paella has been made by a restaurant from Sueca village (of course! How wouldn’t be like that?)

 The Ribeira Baixa in Sueca

Perhaps you may know that my father was a cook in the oldest restaurant in the world in Madrid (Botín Restaurant) but since I have not got him around to ask him for the recipe at this time (I'll do another day, I promise) and I'm not an expert at all on making paella (I admit it, I'm ashamed of it and I'm sorry for it!), I am going to make you an advance enclosing two videos, one in Spanish and the other in English so that you can see how to make a typical paella, although you have to take into account that there are many ways to make a paella really, depending of the ingredients.

Perhaps you can become experts paella makers and next year you can participate in the 51st International Valencian Contest in Sueca! Good luck with the recipe and enjoy it!

in English

in Spanish
(Please, pause the music on the left first)

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