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Sunday, 11 April 2010


The Jerte Valley is a region  of Caceres, located in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura (central west in Spain). With the arrival of spring this area is amazing, you can look at the beautiful mountains covered in white as if it was snow and this wonder of nature attracts crowds of visitors every year.

The main productive activity in the Jerte it is the agriculture and the cherry growing has special relevance and marketing of the Cherry Jerte in the markets of Spain and much of the world, so that represents the main source of income in the Valley. In the Jerte Valley grown over 100 varieties of cherries.

Cherry production is very large and of extraordinary quality, especially the indigenous production of cherries, called pillory. This great cherry production has generated an industry where produced distilled spirits and a great variety of jams.

The cherry blossom usually occurs during the second half of March and first week of April, although this date may vary depending on the weather during the winter months. Usually lasts about 10 days in normal weather conditions.

And this year, almost three weeks later than usual and because of the weather, the Cherry Valley Jerte this week have begun their flowering period. More than thirty varieties of cherry trees and a white mantle with all the cherry blossoms already covers Caceres Jerte Valley. The first cherries will be in the market, as estimated in the early to mid May and the first picks in early June.

More than ten years ago I made a trip there, but at that time I hadn’t a digital and proper camera and so I can not show you photos of that trip, but in return, I have found some beautiful pictures online, where you can get an idea of the wonderful shows that Nature never tires of offering us.


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