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Sunday, 11 May 2014


According to a recent survey made by a Spanish travel website ( based on travellers opinions, these are the 10 oldest cities in Spain which besides combines tradition with modernity. 

For those who have been already to any of these places, you can judge by yourself.

 1-     Cadiz, founded  in the XI century b.C. by the Tyrians, it is the oldest city in Spain and also in Europe

2-      Huelva, founded more than 3,000 years ago

3-      Almuñecar (Granada), the current name comes from Arabic and means “a fortress surrounded” (by mountains), though in Phoenicians times its name was Sexi (not Sexy) and was founded in VIII century b.C.

4-      Malaga, called Malaka by the Phoenicians, dates back to the VIII century b.C.

5-      Sevilla, founded in the VIII century b.C. by the Tartessos

6-      Granada, founded in the VI century b.C.

7-      Lleida, founded in the VI century b.C. was an important Iberian town

8-      Avila, founded also in the VI century b.C. is an ancient jewel

9-      Gijón (Asturias), its origins dates back to 2,500 years ago

10-  Tarragona, called Tarraco by the Romanians has the title of World Heritage

Though I have missed some others, like these:

11-  Salamanca, whose origin dates back to the IV century b.C.

12-  Alicante and Barcelona, founded in the III century b.C.

13-  Cartagena, Huesca, Cordoba, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, founded in the II century b.C.

14-  Lugo, Gerona, Pamplona, Caceres, Merida, León, Astorga, Santander and Zaragoza were founded in the I Century b.C. 

And here I stop for today!


  1. Me alegro mucho de que pienses así, Sissy. Yo también lo pienso, pero creo que, en mi caso, no soy muy objetiva jajaja. Un fuerte abrazo desde Madrid, querida amiga,


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