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Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ferran Adriá, the famous Spanish chef (born in Barcelona) has been called the world's greatest chef. He is certainly one of the most creative. "Gourmet" magazine referred to Adria as "the Salvador Dali of the kitchen".

He was recently in the papers because of closing his famous restaurant called El Bulli (which has been considered for years one of the best restaurants in the world and has 3 Michelin stars), to take a rest during two years to keep working in the gastronomy creation, in his workshop called El Taller, focusing in creativity, investigation and eating habits. Also next September he and five more cooks together with five more American chefs will give a course about Science and Cooking in Harvard.

He began his career en 1980 as a dishwasher at the Hotel Playafels in the town of Castelldefels and in 1984 (he was 22) joined the kitchen staff of El Bulli as a line cook, becaming the head chef eighteen months later.

He has been associated with the “molecular gastronomy”, and what is this? you will ask. Well, according to him, it has to do with unexpected contrasts of flavours, temperature and texture. Most of his recipes includes appliances such as freeze-dryer, liquid nitrogen tank, candyfloss machine and Perspex molds…….. His idea is to provoke surprise and delight, combined with a bit of irony and sense of humour.

Two samples of his molecular gastronomy

A Ferran Adriá invention: a spoon for people who likes eating cereals first and then drinking the milk

My father, a cook himself working for 45 years in a very traditional restaurant in the old Madrid (the oldest restaurant in the world still working, as it says the Guinnes World Records) always says the cuisine is to fill your stomach not to fill your eyes...... (needless to say he is not a great admirer to Ferran Adriá!). But certainly one has to say, without any doubt, that this cook is very creative, very inusual and that he will be hold a high place in culinary history.

He always uses to say that his ideal customer goes to his restaurant to have an experience, not just to eat….. Certainly, I believe it has to be! And if someone wants to try a nearly magic experience you can start already booking in El Bulli for 2014! And you can also start to save some money for it!

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