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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Some weeks ago I went with my friend Emily to the Retiro Park (the most famous in Madrid) and indeed we found that spring had arrived. After so long and hard winter we wanted to go outside and have contact with nature and fill our batteries with light and heat, enjoying the milder temperatures and longer days.

And since we are both very fond of photography, we took our camera with a spare battery included, so it wouldn't happen as in the last time we went to take photos to that same Park in January, one of those days when it was snowing in Madrid and we both had the misfortune of having run out of battery and that same day we decided that we should buy urgently, a battery backup, for there is nothing more frustrating than running out of it just before you thought you would take the best photo of your whole life, that one that could win the next World Press Photo contest ... .. hahaha ... .. Murphy's laws are like that, you always think that the best pictures would be those that you just were about to shoot and you could not finally do, because just at that moment ... ... you run out of battery or you filled the memory card!

But this time, fortunately, we had no problems and we do all the photos we wanted (I did about 200) until it started to get dark and the lack of light prevented us.

By the way, just a little information about this park:

The name Retiro (retreat) cames because it was a place for a pleasant and quiet retreat for the kings. It hosts a wide range of cultural, sport and leasure activities in its 1,4 km2. For instance, the annual Book Fair in Madrid is celebrated there during the second fortnight of May. This magnificient park (that you can’t miss if you can to Madrid) it is especially beautiful in autumn, though the spring suits it very well too.

And now, here is the result of that first photo shoot of the season is spring this small sample of photos that you can see here and I hope you enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed them!

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