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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Princess Letizia has spent her summer holidays in Palma de Mallorca island, in Marivent Palace, the Spanish Royal Family home during the summer and once more her fashion style was the topic for the covers of many magazines, praising her casual, but smart style.

greeting Michelle Obama at Marivent Palace

in the wedding of Prince Nikolaos of Greece

Although after the quiet family holidays, she planned a romantic trip with her husband, Prince Philip to a secret destination, away from reporters. Before leaving Mallorca she had a coffee with some friends, before which he complained at the end of their holidays in Palma de Mallorca about journalists saying: Could you really call our holidays as a private one?

Today she is 38, we assume that she will celebrate it in privacy with her husband and two daughters, the two little Infantas Leonor and Sofia.

By the way, a TV channel is filming a TV serie about the love story of Felipe and Letizia.

And there has been another subject in the press on their summer vacation, about a very romantic and passionate kiss that could be captured by the journalists, when one day the Princess went with her daughters to the Sailing Club in Palma de Mallorca to meet her husband when he got back from sailing (the entire Spanish Royal Family is very fond of sailing).

That kiss was caught by the news agency Europa Press and was published by the magazine with the largest circulation in Spain “HOLA”, and this photo has been paid no less than 45,000 euros, what really caught the attention of it was the contrast with that other chaste kiss that occurred after they were married in 2004, which means that the royal couple's passion remains.



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