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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Javier and Pe

Julio and Miranda

Last summer was a wedding summer for many celebrities, some international such as Jude Law and Sienna Miller, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr or Kate Moss and Jamie Hince and other nationals, like a pair of Spanish couples very well known.

The first couple to get married, last July, was Penelope Cruz (36, actress) and Javier Bardem (41, actor): They have been dating for three years, but since they both are so discreet about their privacy, people was very surprised when they said some weeks ago that they got married in Bahamas in early July in a secret wedding in a friend's house. Penelope wore in a John Galiano designer dress. And recently we also knew that Penelope Cruz is five months pregnant, it seems that their son was conceived, more or less, on the dates of the last Oscars (both of them won Oscars) and he (or she) will arrive in February. Penelope is now in Bahamas filming Pirates of the Caribbean part 4 and Javier, according to the Times Live, could be the main character in a next film which would tell the story about 33 miners at San Jose mine (Chile).

Pe in Hawai
And the second famous Spanish couple who tied the knot last summer was the formed by our international singer Julio Iglesias (66) and his long time partner, Miranda (45) with whom he has five children together with the slight (and it seems that Finally, her soul mate) Dutch woman. And their wedding was another surprise because they kept telling for years they didn’t need to marry to feel like if they were so. But it seems that in the end they both changed their mind and after twenty years living together and having five children they got married in late August in Marbella, also in a secret wedding which was attended only by their five children, who were also baptized in the same ceremony, and two witness. The relationship between the Netherlands Miranda and the Spanish singer has been very strong and harmonious since they first met at the airport in Jakarta and now they have sealed it with the bond of marriage.



  1. wow..nice blog you have..keep it up..


  2. Love Penelope and Javier's baby is going to be a cute one!

  3. Badloi, thanks a lot for your nice comment, I will try to keep it up! Best regards,

  4. Ashleigh, yes, surely their baby will be a cute one! Have a nice autumn rest of week!

  5. CHARO, MADRILEÑA26 December 2010 at 21:06

    Julo iglesias , is very disciplined, hardworking and consistent their work, very smart, sentimental field also has had another cance in life to form another familily with dutch miranda , money helps a lot, she gives youth and económic welfore.
    other adult children, I do not mind sharing the inheritence, because he has to give and take.

  6. CHARO, MADRILEÑA26 December 2010 at 21:24

    Penelope Cruz, a fighter and ambitious in life and has achieved success abroad AND IN SPAIN AND WHERE TO GO FOR THEIR PERSEVERANCE in learning in his field as an actress, has been with very hadsome actors and famous Americans, has enjoyed all he has achieved and is now pregnant with her actor also has been very successful as she Javier Bardem


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