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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Antonio Banderas the famous Spanish actor (born in Malaga in 1960) and based in Hollywood since 1992, where he has developed a successful career and married to actress Melanie Griffith since 1996, with whom he had a daughter (Stella del Carmen) is a very multifaceted man, also an actor, director, producer and singer.

And now after completing the shooting of Pedro Almodovar's  latest film "The skin I live in", he has just come to Madrid to surprise us with a new facet, that of photographer, he has just opened an exhibition here, entitled "Secrets on black", which will be at the Cervantes Institute until 21st November.

In this exhibition Antonio Banderas shows 23 photographs, full of theatrical and expressiveness, in which women appear as independent and strong, and even a bit aggressive, compared with men. He uses myths and literature, painting or opera references and linked to Spanish culture as “Carmen”, “Don Juan Tenorio”, “the Barber of Seville” or “the Naked Maja” by Goya painter. And it creates a sensual and elegant atmosphere in an intimate and studied surrounding.

Firstly this exhibition has been to New York and after Madrid it will travel to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and then to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in December.

As he did in New York, Antonio will auction seven out of the 23 photographs to benefit charities also in Madrid.

I still haven't got time to go to see it, but I don’t want to miss it and I promise to tell you about it afterwards!


  1. Wonderful photos! I didn't know Banderas was so multi-talented! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Yes Coralie, he is really a jewel of a man, Melanie Griffith must be really happy for being married to him......hahaha. By the way, yesterday I went to see the exhibition and I really could see myself he is a very talented photographer. Nice week Coralie!

  3. A man of many talents! Love your new blog design, Nieves. Sorry I'm not around anymore. Are you on Facebook? Maybe we could stay in touch there...

  4. Hi Ivanhoe, nice to see you again! Yes, Antonio has got many talents indeed! I am glad you like my new blog design. And I am sorry to hear you are not around anymore, unfortunately I am not on Facebook, I am afraid I don't have much free time to be on Facebook too! But I send you my best regards Ivanhoe, my friend

  5. CHARO, MADRILEÑA5 December 2010 at 20:18

    Antonio Banderas is a man very actractive, good person, simple, he is very nice and sociable,
    also very well actor and a great spanish.
    he is very family, he is love the people spanish.
    he hard work in him profession-
    he does like the sports. he had great exit in ee.uu, but, as no country in spain.


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