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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Ramon Casas i Carbó was a Spanish artist and painter born in Barcelona (1866-1932). He was famous by his portraits, caricatures and paintings of the high society, intellectual, economic and political life of Barcelona, Madrid and Paris. He also became famous for his paintings of riots, as the framework for the repression of a demonstration in the streets of Barcelona. It was a graphic designer and his posters and postcards helped him to define the Catalan art movement known as modernism.

His style was consolidated in the post-impressionism. Excellent portrait artist, defines different types of women, such as Gypsy and others, as well as series of portraits in charcoal of leading intellectuals of the time, musicians such as Albeniz and Granados, writers such as Unamuno and Azorín, or painters like Zuloaga or Sorolla. He also expressed with his brushes interior anonymous cafes or street life, with all the spontaneity emanating from both the environment as their characters. His style was itself influenced by Manet, Whistler and Degas by the soft colors and the blurred boundaries that will evolve into a kind of painting's most colorful and distinctly realistic.

Casas is also one of the leading representatives of the Catalan modernism that reflects on billboards (Codorniu Champagne, Anis del Mono anisette and others) that performs for prestigious commercial firms, full of artistic sensibility.

And here I leave you some of the paintings of this artist, one of my Spanish painters favourites, by the way. I hope you enjoy!



  1. I like these paintings of - as you say - "high society, intellectual, economic and political life of Barcelona". I became corious and found a lot of Ramon Casas i Carbós work here -

  2. "great article here, thx for sharing"

  3. Hi Jo, thanks for your comment and visit, I am very glad you liked it. Regards,

  4. Hi smalldot, I am very pleased you liked Ramón Casas' paintings, it is very gratifying to post articles for people to enjoy them! Nice Sunday!

  5. Hello Per Ove, I am glad that this post made you feel curious about feeling eager to know more about Ramón Casas, I have had a look at the link you have sent and it was very interesting since I have found more paintings I didn't know from this painter, thanks for it!

  6. CHARO, MADRILEÑA14 December 2010 at 20:06

    Ramón Casas, and others, painters,have left, great art for generations by later, had to convery the young this beauty is painting any style. After each choose what you likei am a lover of art, is creative, dynámic and interesting.

  7. Ramon Casas was my Moms Uncle by marriage to her Mothers sister, Julia. Growing up I heard many stories of Tia Julia and Tio Ramon, and Tia Flora the spinster sister who lived with them.
    Tio Ramon was said to have a great sense of humor. At dinner parties he was often asked to entertain people with his stories jokes and tricks. My favorite was the one where after being pestered for a trick, he asked everyone to put all of their expensive watches and jewelry into a handkerchief, and then asked to be brought a hammer. He proceeded to hammer the contents of the handkerchief. Then he paused, apologized and said he had forgotten how the trick ended.

  8. Anonymous, thanks a lot for your comment and for sharing here your memories about Ramon Casas, your Mom's uncle. It is a honour for this blog. And it is very good the story you have told us. It is great you have that family link with this wonderful painter, I really love him.

    Thanks again for it and please feel very welcome to come here whenever you want!


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