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Saturday, 11 December 2010


One dish that you can not miss if you come to Madrid is “hot chocolate with churros”. Spanish hot chocolate is made with dark chocolate and is thick and delicious. Chocolate and churros is a pair that you must eat together. One without the other leaves you feeling less than satisfied.

Usually Spaniards eat this dish for breakfast, but it can be enjoyed throughout the entire day, as in the merienda meal (in the afternoon) which makes it a rather versatile snack. Before dinner as an afternoon snack or maybe after dinner as a yummy dessert some hot chocolate with churros seems like a great option. Of course you can buy this dish at many of the bars or cafes, but if you really want the best, you have to go to a chocolatería.

There are several good chocolaterias in Madrid, but one of the best and most typical is CHOCOLATERIA SAN GINES.

This small shop is located in a small street next to Puerta del Sol, the centre in Madrid, in the walkway of San Ginés. This traditional chocolate shop has been in the works since 1894. In spite of its less than prominent location, a mixed crowd of locals and tourists find their way here every hour of the day.

It is an attractive space, with velvety green seats, marble tables and lots of mirrors. There is no menu because it is obvious what people are going to eat. One can order a coffee or a slice of some baked goodie sitting on the counter, but this is not why people come here. Because it is so popular, you have to expect to wait a bit for a table at any hour.

If you plan on going to the San Ginés chocolate shop you must go during the afternoon or at night because it is the only time they are open. In fact, the shop is open daily all night. So when the late nighters exit the bars and dance clubs, they all head to San Ginés to put something greasy and sweet into their empty stomachs. If you want, you can add some powdered sugar.

Here you will get a hot boiling mug of chocolate rich in flavor and color. With it you will be able to dunk the crisp and hot churros into the chocolate, which provide the perfect vehicle for delivering more richness down our gullets. The prices on this as well as their delicous cakes are very reasonable and they are great if you want to try some traditional food. And it is perfect for cold winter days!

¡Buen provecho! Bon appétit!


  1. Very interesting post.Greetings Andrzej.

  2. Hummmm this is so delicious...

    About my post: Nieves, tiene usted razón y es por eso que a pesar de que las campañas deben seguir siendo transmitida a los derechos humanos sean respetados.


  3. CHARO, MADRILEÑA12 December 2010 at 20:54

    san gines chocolate shop, founder from more than a hundred years, I advise that you go with family, friends and boyfrinds, because the churros are exclusives, you can to join it, also the chocolate.
    is the best shop of madrid.

  4. It is really good, especially if you like dark chocolate...For a good one with milk chocolate, I lovve the Maestro Churrero over by the Arab Baths....yum!

  5. Pietrzyk, thanks for visit and comment and greetings for you too!

  6. Charo, we have been in Chocolateria San Gines many times and we really know how nice that place is, haven't we? Lot of hugs my friend,

  7. Sissy, I tell you it's really delicious ...... uhmmmmm, if you come some day to Madrid I promise you to take you there! Muchos besos y abrazos,

  8. Hi Ashleigh, I know Maestro Churrero as well and the chocolate con churros is very good too but the other place is more attractive and lovely and there is another place called Chocolaterias Valor, which are very good also. Well, you know something? I am just getting really hungry now!

  9. made me hungry, so I thought I would return the favor. I will have to try the valor one as well. My spanish teacher said valor chocolate is her favorite...

  10. Do try the Chocolateria Valor and you'll tell me later Ashleigh!


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