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Friday, 18 February 2011


Jose Villegas y Cordero was a Spanish painter, born in Sevilla (1844-1921). At 16 he sold his first work in the Seville World Fair. He studied for several years in Madrid, where he often went to the Prado Museum to copy to Velazquez and his technique acquired the spontaneity and the use of color of Velazquez. Also he greatly admired orientalist painting and traveled to Morocco and later on to Rome, whose early work there was about local customs topics (there he would paint many subjects of bullfighters), though he actually painted about many different subjects. In 1901 he was appointed director of the Museo del Prado, moving to live from Rome to Madrid, where he died.

And these are some of his paintings:


  1. Nieves, Essas ilustrações são espetaculares!

    Sobre a minha matéria: en torno a este mundo, cómo muchas mujeres pasan por lo que mi hija y yo vivimos?! El ser humano es indescifrable!

    Besos mi amiga!

  2. Sissym, I am glad you have enjoyed this post about this Spanish painter not very well-known, but with very nice paintings. ¡Muchos besos para ti amiga!


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