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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Po and De De, the two pandas twins (both males) who were born in Madrid Zoo Aquarium last September 7th, 2010 where they were conceived through artificial insemination in a joint effort by Spain’s National Research council and scientists from China, received a especial visitor this week at the zoo for their first ride outside. They are the first offspring for their mother Hua Zui Ba with partner Bing Xing, arrived in Madrid in 2007 on a 10 year loan from China and in four years the twins pandas will be transferred to China in Chengdu, where they will live in freedom with other 1,600 congeners.

Since the twins were born they have been protected in an enclosure where they could only be seen through a glass, but now that they are 7 months and weigh around 12 kilos, zoo managers have decided that it is time they begin to take their first rides on the outside. And in this first official tour they had a very especial guest: Queen Sofia of Spain, who visited them for the first time when they were born and was very excited to have so close to these gentle animals but now, in her second visit they were a bit apprehensive with her but later began to play and they even bite her once.

These are some photos of Queen's
first visit to the twins babies

Po and De De (whose Chinese name means "innocent nature" and "Madrid") are the only panda twins born in captivity, something very difficult to achieve in this endangered species, as mothers raise their children one by one and when two are born one of them dies. Currently there is only a baby panda in Vienna Zoo, but Madrid Zoo is the only one where you can see two pandas brothers.

The Zoo Aquarium in Madrid is considered as one of the most important institutions because of its commitment to conservation. And before Po and De De were born there was another famous panda in the zoo in Madrid, called Chulin, who was the first born in captivity outside of China until he died in 1996, he was the most beloved animal by visitors to the Madrid Zoo.

Aren't they cute?


  1. These photos are just adorable - I could just squeeze hug those little dough-balls. Queen Sophia looks like a natural :)

    Thank you for being a part of my very first Post Of The Month Club - I hope you'll link up again in April :) Have a wonderful rest of your week XOL

  2. Oh my goodness...these pics are so of the perks of being dates with the pandas...She's so comfortable with them she looks like she could be their grandma too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Laura, it was a pleasure for me to take part in the Post of the Month Club and I think it is such a great idea that I will keep doing it!

    Related to Queen Sofia, she is really a very nice and intelligent lady and though I think sometimes being a Royal can be disturbing, some other times can be great,like when you have to visit twins Pandas cubs, for instance!

    Have a lovely weekend Laura!

  4. Ashleigh, yes, being Queen has this little pleasures jejeje and Pandas are so lovely, we both live in Madrid, I think we should take advantage of this and go to see them before they will come back to China, surely your kids would enjoy it! Have a lovely and spring-like weekend!

  5. Calling by from Happy Homemaker UK as participating in Post of the Month and really enjoying meeting everyone else and reading their favourite posts. What gorgeous pandas.

  6. Lindy Lou, thanks for your visit and comment, I am glad you liked this post. It is really a great idea of Laura the Post of the Month Club to meet new people and blogs! Have a nice Sunday!

  7. What cute photos of Reina Sofia with the Pandas!! I especially like the last two photos :)

  8. Hi Señorita! yes, they are really cute and lovely, in fact I am planning to go to the zoo this spring and to take some photos of them, If I do I will post them here! Hugs!


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