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Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Last weekend Semester in Spain , a lively and cheerful blog where you can find the adventures of a student in Granada (and his little bear Nippy, don't forget!) very kindly sent me this stylish award, which I received with happiness and much pleasure and now I am going to follow the rules of the game, just as she told me to do. Well, here I go Semester!

There are four rules and these are the following:

First rule: to thank and to link the blog which has sent you the award. Ok, this is easy:

Thanks Semester in Spain  for this beautiful (and elegant!) award. It is very nice and I am very honoured for this recognition Semester! It has been a pleasure to receive it!

Second rule: to tell seven things about you. Well, this was not so much easy at first, but then I started thinking the difficult thing was to choose only seven things about me, about  my likes or dislikes, but I will try to do my best!

1. I am crazy about travelling (really crazy!).

2. I love snapping at everything, in fact, I am nearly a photomaniac!

3. My favourite film is The quiet man, it is so romantic and fun. I think it is a little jewel film.

4. I hate routine and I am not afraid of changes at all, in fact, I like them.

5. I would like days could last longer than 24 hours. I would really like days would be like chewing gums and I could stretch them as much as possible.

6. My favourite season of the year is summer, I love sun and hot weather and beaches and light summer dresses and on the contrary, I can’t stand winter, in fact I hate cold and it nearly gets me angry sometimes.

7. I like (no, I would better say, I love) Italian food so much that I would never get tired of eating it.

Third rule: To share the award with 15 more blogs, recently discovered (do they have to be very recent Semester?). Anyway, I like to visit and follow all of these nice and very interesting blogs, and I want to share this award with all of them:

- Spain is my happy place, a nice blog of an American and lively woman living in Madrid now with her family (who knows where she will be living next?).

- Come, sit by my fire, a very smart blog (in all senses) which makes you think and at the same time it is very entertaining.

- Two crazy crafters, a lovely and very creative blog of two lovely women from the States, a mother and her daughter.

- From a yellow house in England, an interesting and entertaining blog of an expat American woman living in Britain.

- South of Watford, an interesting blog with many news about current Spain.

- Life in Culebron, this is a blog about two Britons and their experiences living in Culebron, a small village in Alicante.

- Petrolin50, a very nice blog if you likes Photography!

- Masquerade, a beautiful blog with beautiful messages in it, it is always worth to visit it.

- A vintage cottage home, a very beautiful and artistic blog from a special lady from Michigan.

- Glenni's Blog Page, the adventures of a lively Australian retired woman who likes to enjoy life.

- Graceful presence, a relaxing blog which makes you think and makes you feel relaxed.

- A view of Madrid, a foreign's view (or as he prefers to say: a guiri's view) of Madrid.

- Guardamar, a blog about the thoughts and impressions of an English man living in Spain.

- Head, eye and heart, a blog to visit if you like photography (and I do like very much!).

- I like nice life, a nice blog which makes you feel very relaxed just when you are visiting it.

- Erin all over, the adventurers, likes, dislikes obsessions and more of a young woman, but all of these things are told in a cheerful way.

And fourth and last rule: To contact them and tell them about the Award. OK!  I am going to leave just now and do it so right now! Bye, see you in a few days! I've got work to do!


  1. Thank you very much for the award.

    Best wishes,

  2. Nice, I am glad you liked. Thanks for your visit and my warmest regards,

  3. Congratulations on your award! Your blog is delightful!

    Perhaps you'd like to join me for my Expat Blog Linky Party on March 19th? Hope to see you then, if not sooner.

    Off to check out your list of blogs :)

  4. Thanks, Nieves, for passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to are right, it was alot of work, but it was fun passing it along and giving some attention to some of the blogs i enjoy...

  5. Happy Homemaker UK, thanks very much for your visit and for your nice words! And of course I will be very pleased to join you for your Expat Blog Linky Party on March 19th, I'll be there! Warmest regards,

  6. Ashleigh, I am very glad you liked the award, you deserve it! and I am very pleased to see you have already passed the link to more nice blogs, it was a hard work but nice to do it, wasn't it? Have a lovely week and my warmest regards for you,

  7. Congratulations on your award... If you really like traveling, you may like my blog:

  8. Thanks very much for your congrats Señorita, and yes, I do love travelling, so I am going to visit your blog without delay! Regards,

  9. Congratulations on your award and you definitely have a beautifully stylish blog! :)

    And thank you for passing the award along to me. It's so nice to be included!

  10. Dori, thanks for your words and I am very pleased to see you here again! Your blog is beautiful and you deserve it indeed too. Enjoy it!


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