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Sunday, 19 June 2011


(please, pause the Ipod first)

A touristic website about Madrid has just made a film with the Real Madrid footballers telling us about this city and what they think and like about living here. Since the quality of the film is very good and perhaps some of the readers of this blog are planning to come to Madrid in short, here I leave you the video, it is 2 minutes long and you can also have it in French, Italian, German (and Spanish, of course jejeje).

It is interesting to see Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Kaká, Marcelo, Xavi Alonso and others to explain to you what to see and not to miss if you come here. I am sure they will tell you better than me! I hope it can be useful for you and you can enjoy it! 



  1. Interesting talk about each player what he loves most in the city, because they move a lot of money in the world of football.

  2. Seu blog é muito interessante...
    Estou te seguindo.... Tenha um Lindo Dia!
    Siga meus Blogs:

  3. Thanks for your visit Elisabete and for becoming a follower, it is a pleasure for me. Now I am running to see and visit your blogs. Have a nice week and a big hug for you!

  4. Hello Sissy! Yes, I think this video is interesting to watch, mostly to have the chance to see and listen to these great (and very well paid!) international footballers talking, a real luxury! jejejejje. A very big kiss for you!


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