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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


As couldn't be otherwise, Cayetana de Alba has taken the world by storm once again and at 13.00 pm today, has married the civil servant Alfonso Díez, in the little chapel of Dueñas Palace of Seville, which is the third wedding of the Duchess.

The age difference, she is 85 and he 60, also aroused the misgivings about the Duchess's suitor in her closest friends circle who did not believe the purity of his love, nevertheless this has not been an obstacle to a woman who always has done her will. In order to this wedding could take place, last July she donated all her assets (valued at one thousand million euros) to her six children, but until the day she dies she will continue to manage that.

"I'm Catholic and that is why I am going to marry," she said two days ago in an interview. And it happens that despite her free spirit she has always been well adjusted to the weight of tradition and so, a few days ago, she travelled to Madrid to visit King Juan Carlos to ask for his approval (a process from time immemorial, that all the nobles should do and rarely do nowadays).

For her wedding Cayetana was wearing a nice pale pink dress designed by designers Victorio and Lucchino from Sevilla and Pilar Burgos shoes. The groom, who wore black morning coat and vest with gray, was accompanied by the godmother, Carmen Tello, wife of the bullfighter Curro Romero, who was very elegant in a red dress and cream-colored mantilla.

The dress was made in romantic silk chiffon pink and lace in the same tone, with a hint of color at the waist that is fitted with a velvet ribbon lime-green silk and chiffon gown with jasmines on the sleeves. The shoes were manoletinas made in pink lace.

The wedding menu consisted of cold appetizers with mint gazpacho, Spanish omelette and salad with eels and caviar. After, rice style Provencal which was served along with white shrimps from Huelva and lobster garnished with American sauce, then "tournedos" of beef with bearnaise sauce and garnished with Padrón peppers, onions and potatoes style French Ducal. And the menu was completed with bird with lemon juice with grilled mixed vegetables and salad mimosa, the desserts consisted of coconut cakes, almond pie with sauce of condensed milk and chocolate bomb with hot sauce nougat.

Lunch was served by employees of the palace, which before had eaten the same menu as the guests.

Around 30 people have attended the simple religious ceremony, including children, grandchildren and their children's previous partners (all of them are divorced). There has been the incident that her only daughter, Eugenia, finally could not attend the wedding because of a sudden chickenpox  yesterday. And another son, Jacobo, has not come because of a trip abroad (there is the fact that in recent weeks the Duchess has starred a controversy with him and his wife, due to the division of the inheritance).

The Duchess’s two previous marriages took place in October 1947 in the cathedral of Seville with Luis Martinez de Irujo and Artacoz, with whom she had her six children. And after her husband died in 1972, she remarried in March 1978 in Madrid with former Jesuit priest Jesus Aguirre y Ortiz de Zárate, who died in 2001.

Alfonso Diez in a recent interview said that he has always had three erotic myths: Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor and Cayetana de Alba. The Duchess met him 30 years ago when one day he went with his brother to visit the second husband of the Duchess at the Palacio de Liria (a great lover of antiques and a good friend of his brother). That day the Duchess appeared to him to greet majestic, free spirit and friendly, though distant. Alfonso Diez was very impressed by this woman.

Time passed by and they met again in a Charity Market, until three years ago, when they both met again in a cinema (both are big fans of cinema, especially him) and then decided to take a coffee to remember old times, from that moment they began a story of friendship and love that finally has culminated in this wedding today.

Congratulations and every happiness for the new marriage!


  1. Ole, which grace has the Duchess of Alba and also their heirtage. She will be very happy, they parform miracles titles and money, if you are a pensioner od payroll of 600 euros, having is che marries a jehovah 25 years more young that she.
    Life is like when it is born and ends, but in beteween there is a great difference in a persons to other.

  2. MADRILEÑA, they deserve to be happy as long as they can, I admire the Duchess because of her enthusiasm and great desire to be happy, despite her age. Though, of course, money always helps to be happier, but it is not the only reason and condition to be happy. Have a lovely Sunday evening and enjoy as much as you can,

  3. i have been informed by a very reliable source that the Duchess of Alba is another me who is living at the same time. she is a year younger than me and was born in March, 1926, and i was born in June 1925. She does look line me and also pictures of my mother. This is fascinating.
    I also do not pay attention to numers, as far as age, and I am "young in peronality" I, too am involved with a man over twenty years younger than me. So this gives me hope. I would like to know how to get in touch with her. If she could see our pictures she too would agree.


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