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Sunday, 4 December 2011


As Christmas approaches, Spanish publicists throw the boat out and waste all their creativity in the ads they do for these dates. And one of the most eagerly awaited each year in my country is the Freixenet cava commercial. The Christmas TV commercials of Freixenet cava, from the late 70's to today have always been the longest and most expensive made ​​in Spain. They are always very artistic and elegant. And each year some celebrity who wishes all of us a Merry Christmas. Last year was Shakira and this year will be featured by the Spanish flamenco dancer Sara Baras.

Although the list is very long, other celebrities who have highlighted with their presence these commercials along the years were, for example, Antonio Banderas, Sharon Stone, Paul Newman, Cindy Crawford, Gwynneth Paltrow and Angel Corella, Pierce Brosnan and the Spanish top model Nieves Alvarez, Paz Vega, Penelope Cruz, Andie McDowell and dancer Nacho Duato, Shirley McLain and Miguel Bose, the ballerina Tamara Rojo, Meg Ryan, Placido Domingo, Liza Minnelli, Don Johnson, Raquel Welch, Cristopher Reeve, Ann Margret, Alejandro Sanz, Demi Moore and many moooore! (sorry for the little joke...)

Shakira Freixenet Ad- 2010

The Spanish team synchronized swimming - 2008 and 2009

 Gwynneth Paltrow and Angel Corella - 2007

Pierce Brosnan and Nieves Alvarez model - 2004

Kim Bassinger with a look like Veronica Lake - 1994

Sharon Stone and Antonio Banderas - 1992

As I have told above, this year the chosen celeb has been Sara Baras. Dressed in gold, surrounded by soap bubbles and doing what she does best, dancing, so the dancer from Cadiz appears in the new cava ad. The spot was shot in Barcelona under the direction of Howard Greenlagh, the same director who handled the commercial in 2009 that had as bubbles to the Spanish synchronized swimming team. A flamenco dancer accompanies Sara, Juan Carlos Martinez, the main dancer and choreographer of the National Dance Company.

And this is the FREIXENET video commercial 2011, that we already can watch at the telly from last Thursday, I think is amazing, I hope you think the same, please enjoy the flamenco bubble Sara Baras!


  1. Which ads are most elegant christmas announcing the cava, but alway with celebrities.
    Never give people an opportunity to make known not these ads.
    Must raise money, where will all this money?
    if it is beneficial for a good, then if they do a great work of charity.
    To make this type of advertising they have to spend much money on custumes decorations.
    Me if I´d like to make advertising, but with a good boy, but i think i passed the rice.

  2. Wow! Did not even know that all these celebrities did all these commercials. My favorite around holidays are Budwieser commercials. They always somehow use horses and snow. Sometimes almost make me cry :)

  3. MADRILEÑA, my dear friend, I appreciate very much your strong will about writing in English all your posts in this blog, but I have to confess you that sometimes it is a little hard for me to understand what you try to tell me, sorry. Do you mean you are already too old to be in commercials? I really do not agree with you, there are many customers who really prefer to have real people to do the commercials for their products, so do not lose hope to become a commercial model! Lot of kisses of your dearest friend,

  4. Ivanhoe, I think I have seen one of those Budweiser commercials about a man and his dog and I loved it. And especially in Christmas time publicists do their bests about creating commercials very touching and beautiful, I love to seen them at Christmas really! Take care and kisses for you my friend,

  5. Querida Nieves, todos mis blogs tienen en la esquina superior derecha de la Google widget: Traducir ahora (now translate).
    A continuación, sólo elegir el idioma de su elección que automáticamente se traduce todo.

    Besos y gracias.

  6. Sissy amiga, por lo que he podido ver este traductor resulta a veces muy lento, pero lo volveré a intentar. Un beso muy fuerte y feliz semana,


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