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Sunday, 24 June 2012


I had not planned it but I have just decided a few hours ago that I'm going to take a gap summer, the truth is that I have several trips breaks in mind and would have to be doing several stop, going and coming from my (5) blogs, so I thought the best  thing I should do is to make a summer break and fully enjoy the summer, my trips (to Lisbon, Granada, Ireland, Alicante .....), my reading of a lot of books waiting for me to read them for months, and of course, to enjoy my friends and family, quietly and without additional obligations that would prevent me from doing and enjoy it fully.

In some of the blogs (like this one or the photoblog)  I have been posting even more from time to time, each time, so if I have little spare times I will take the opportunity to write more entries and store them and then when I come back here, to post them. At the most, maybe I could keep on reading and commenting on other blogger friends’s entries.

In short ...... I need time for many things and if I keep on updating the blogs, this will prevent me from doing them (something I do not feel like doing right now) and besides, I think that the summer is to enjoy it and that's just what I want to do!

So, happy summer to all of you and 
I will be back here after the summer!


  1. Have a lovely break and come back refreshed and full of new ideas, See you later .all the best. Angela x

    1. Thanks Angela, I will try to make the most of my summer break. I hope you have a lovely summer too. See you after the summer! Kisses,

  2. As long as you will post all your photos and adventures when you get back! Enjoy your summer :)

    1. Thanks Ivana, I truly promise I will take a lot of photos and I will write and post about all my summer trips and experiences! Enjoy you too!

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  5. Como en España no se vive en ningun sitio. Gran diversidad de culturas, paisajes, gastronomia ( lo que mas me gusta a mi ), etc


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