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Thursday, 22 April 2010


Lately the "Days of ... .." seem to proliferate very much, recently was Earth Hour and today is Earth Day and although there are many people who is skeptical on the conclusion of the "Days of" I always say that although you can not measure the effectiveness of these celebrations, I think that, at least, they serve as little touches of attention and if you get that at least one person is aware of the problem and serve him to change wrong habits and do something about it, then it will be of some use!

On January 28th, 1969 an oil rig in the Pacific would begin an oil spill of 757,000 liters, dumping at sea for eleven days. Thousands of birds, dolphins and seals of the Santa Barbara Channel were dragged to the shore covered with oil. A root of this disaster was born unprecedented environmental movement, which a year later would create the party in celebration of Mother Earth, which was later on adopted throughout the world.

The Earth Day was driven by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970, as a way of emphasizing the importance of conserving natural resources. That day also the Agency for Environmental Protection in the U.S.A. was established. And though at first emerged as a student movement over time has become an international celebration of the environment, in which environmental groups around the world make use of it to evaluate environmental issues, awareness and protection campaigns.

And although this movement is already spreading 40 years and has served to make us all more aware and to be able to find new renewable energy solutions, all acts that we, individually, can do to protect the planet earth are still few, because we all can and we should celebrate this day of the Earth, for all 365 days a year, changing some of our, still, bad habits with ones that do not harm but help protecting our planet, for example ... ... ... .... ride a bike or public transport instead of car, restrict water use, adopting instead of buying animals, recycle and reuse everything you can, leave waste in place for immediate re-use unleaded petrol (if you can not avoid using the car), to go shopping to buy products that do not harm the environment, save energy as far as possible, avoid making noise, ... ... and so many more things one can do according to their circumstances and lifestyle ... ... ... .... ... ... because ... ... ... ... ... .... Why we have to make objects with toxic if we can do without them ?...................

I've seen on YouTube this song created by Michael Jackson, with a video about how life is on earth every day and I think it is a nice musical touch for this conmemoration.

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