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Friday, 2 April 2010


The Easter Week is called in Spain la Semana Santa and this is not a fiesta focused on raucous celebrations but based on religious beliefs, it is time for people for ask forgiveness for their sins and do penance.

In this week you can see that many processions take place all over my country, from the biggest city till the tiniest village. In those processions groups of people (men usually) bear the weight of large stretcher-type constructions, that have effigies of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ on top of them and they are in complete silence, with the only rhythm of a slowly banging drum.

Also there are groups following the parades, with people dressed in black or purple wearing pointed hoods who, as a Mexican friend told me recently, resemble to the Ku Klux Klan, but they aren’t!, they are penitents who wants to be forgiven for their sins or to keep a promise. The hats are really replicas of the hats given to the “guilty” in the Spanish Inquisition.

Since I haven’t seen yet any procession this year (I’ll probably go to see one this afternoon with some friends), I leave here some of the photos that I took last year in one of those processions in Madrid.

Photos taken by Nieves Ranz

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