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Monday, 21 June 2010


Usually I am not a football fan, but in this case, when my national football team (called La Roja) is playing in the World Cup 2010 South Africa Championship, I have to make an exception and in the end, even if you don't want to know about it, you finish knowing when, where and with whom your national team is playing.

Perhaps you'll be wondering why Spanish football team is called La Roja and the reason is that Luis Aragones (head coach of the national team) in the summer of 2004, thought that the fans would get more involved with their team if they could have a pet name and he thought the team could be called the red (as Uruguay is the light blue, or France the bleus or Italy the Azzurri, or England the pross, or Holland the orange) because of the red color of the team shirt.

And although I know that Spain started in the World Cup as one of the favorites, they played against Switzerland on Wednesday and lost (and to be honest, Switzerland is not a strong team, to be feared of).

Nevertheless, today the Red team plays its second game, this time against Honduras at 20:30 in Johannesburg at Ellis Park (let's hope it will be lucky for the Spanish team, the same as it was for Mandela and his national rugby team in 1995!) and at that time in my country we will all be encouraging our Red team. You can do it! ¡Animo!

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