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Monday, 30 August 2010


Like many Spaniards on these dates, I am again back home and back to work (snifff ... ... ..), after a relaxing week's holiday in Santa Pola (Alicante), a pleasant tourist resort of fishermen, where many retired people (national and foreign) choose this place to spend their golden retirement.

The weather has been great, although a red alert has been in the last days of my stay there, along with a wave of heat that has pushed the temperatures up to 44 degrees in those lands of Valencia, though many other parts in Spain have been affected too and also there have been a mass visit of jellyfish (national and Portuguese).

But to be honest, next to the waves of the sea, all the heat waves are much more bearable, thanks to the pleasant and constant sea breeze that makes you look at the alarming news about the successive rises in the thermometer with tranquility. And about the jellyfish, I was very lucky and was able to return with no marks of them on my skin.

So for now I'll leave a picture here, which are not of the Perseids, as I planned to take because it was really complicated to get a  decent picture of the starry sky, but instead, I made a bunch of photos flavored beach so that when we start to suffer the post-summer holiday depression we can throw it away at the sight of a few beach pictures!



  1. Nieves:

    Aunque no hable inglés y lo entienda poco me ha gustado tu blog: las fotografías, hasta unas caricaturas chistosas por ahí...

    Vengo aquí a través del espacio de mi amigo poeta Fernando Jiménez-Ontiveros.

    Abrazos fraternos en Amistad y Poesía verdaderas,


  2. Frank siempre serás bienvenido a este blog, aunque no entiendas inglés o al otro, de el trolley de Nieves (que ese si está en español). Un fuerte abrazo para ti,


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