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Tuesday, 17 August 2010


King Alfonso XIII passed through here when he opened the water supply reservoir and this event gave this road name: 'El Camino del Rey' (King’s road). It is built in air path, the walls of the gorge in El Chorro Gaitanes (Málaga), which has long sections and with a width of just 1 m., and has up to 400 meters depth.

Unfortunately (or we should better say, fortunately), this was closed since 1992 because of danger due to their poor condition.

In 1999 and 2000, there were several fatal accidents that claimed the lives of four trekkers, so Andalusia Board, to prevent further casualties decided to close the entrances to the road, demolishing the initial section to prevent the passage of visitors.

Currently a fine of € 6,000 is to impose to anyone who circulate around the Caminito del Rey.

And above all, it is noteworthy that the video it is very impressing by the way this video has been made, since it shows in a real way the tour of the mountain, as if you were doing it yourself, as the person who recorded the video was holding the camera very well, focusing on the way follow, and breathtaking views, so the viewer feels as if he walked along the route.

Do you dare to follow the route? Press play in the video below. Really amazing…….


  1. Sí. La vista es totalmente grave como un animal feroz. . .

    Desde Japón.

  2. Si, es realmente impresionante ¿verdad? y creo que había que ser muy valiente (y también incluso imprudente) para atreverse a recorrer ese camino, por suerte, ya no es posible subir. Un saludo,


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