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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Photo by Victor Ovies from his website

As many people will probably know, Michelle Obama and her little daughter Sasha have just been to Spain after having a short summer break in a private visit, in the resort town of Marbella (Málaga).

They arrived on Mediterranean’s coast last Wednesday for a vacation with friends at a luxury hotel (Villa Padierna Hotel, an Italian palazzo-style building) where they booked sixty rooms, (Mrs. Obama is facing a lot of critics for this, having into account the current economic situation).

They both had a lovely time visiting the old town in Marbella, as well as visiting the Granada’s Catedral (where the Catholics King and Queen of Spain were buried), the hilltop Albaicin quarter of narrow alleyways and small squares and the Alhambra fortress Palace (Spain’s most visited tourist attraction and UNESCO World Heritage) and finally, having lunch with the Spanish Royals King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at their summer residence (Marivent Palace) on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

But there is something Michelle and Sassha Obama have missed. And it is to have had the chance to admire the beautiful sights of the Alhambra Palace at the sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolás. Thirteen years ago, the ex American president, Bill Clinton, lived that experience telling the famous sentence: “The most beautiful sunset in the world is in Granada”.


  1. El cambio de los colores constituye aún más atractivo en el castillo.

    Desde el Lejano Oriente.

  2. Ruma, es totalmente increible lo bonito que es el Palacio de la Alhambra, sea la hora que sea cuando lo estés contemplando, siempre esta bello y espectacular, te lo aseguro, porque he tenido la suerte de ir por alli a Granada muchas veces en los últimos tres años. Muchos saluditos al Lejano Oriente y te deseo que tengas un gran fin de semana,

  3. Hi, I am a photographer from Granada and I have seen that you have used a picture of the Alhambra at night, which is copyrighted, for this blog.

    I am glad you liked my picture but very upset you did not care to even mention my name when you posted it.

    I would like to request that you add this line under de photo:

    Photo by Victor Ovies from his website

    I think it is not much I am asking for and it is only fair that you do. However, if you don’t want to credit me as the author of the picture I would have to request that you remove that pic from your post.

    Victor Ovies

  4. Victor, I am very sorry but I didn't know the photo had your copyright, so if you do agree, since the photo is very nice and I would like to keep it in the post, I have just added the line telling is yours. Excuse me again and I send you my best regards,


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