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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Vanity Fair International has released its annual list of best dressed women in the World and the list for this year is this in the first 10 positions:

1. Tatiana Santo Domingo
2. Diane Kruger
3. Carey Mulligan
4. Princess Mary of Denmark
5. Hope Atherton
6. Michelle Obama
7. Wendi Murdoch
8. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy
9. Samantha Cameron
10. Nora Ephron

And Vanity Fair Spain has released its own list as follows:

1- Rosario Nadal
2- Daphne Guinness
3- Elena of Borbón
4- Tilda Swinton
5- Carolina Herrera
6- Rania of Jordania
7- Princess of Asturias
8- Carolina of Mónaco
9- Carlota Casiraghi
10- Julianne Moore

Letizia Ortiz (Princess of Asturias) and
her sister in law, Princess Elena of Borbón

In the International List there are some other names, like Spanish actor Javier Bardem in the 11th position, Lady Gaga in the 26th position, Duchess of Alba in the 27th and David Beckham in the 44th….. Surprising names some of them.........

Related to Spanish Duchess Cayetana de Alba, it has to be said that she is the aristocrat with more titles of nobility in the world and it has always been said that she is as rich as Queen Elizabeth of England. She is 83 years old and she is in the 27 position of the list for her anarchic and rebellius style, she is always been a peculiar duchess living or wearing, in a hippy and neglected style (she loves buying in flea markets). Without any doubt, she’s got a strong will (twice widowed she’s got now a boyfriend 25 years younger), she is very original and a really fashion revolutionary at her age, she is really authentic!


  1. I think agree with Spain's top choice over the International one...thanks for sharing these fun little lists!

  2. Hi Ashleigh! I am glad you enjoyed the Vanity Fair Lists! Thanks for your comment and nice week!!


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