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Thursday, 30 December 2010


In order to start the new year on the right footing and with all our best vibrations throughout the coming year, I've been collecting some rituals, so that we can do our best to attract luck and good fortune. And here they are a few of these rituals:

- The 12 Grapes of luck (a Spanish very typical tradition), according to which if we eat them all one by one and without struggling before the last bell of the year (somewhat difficult because there is always someone who start laughing nervously and it is difficult for the rest watching not to follow him/her!) but if you  get it done sucessfully then you will have  twelve great months ahead in which all your hopes and dreams will be fulfilled.

- To light on white candles throughout the house (Watch out!), this will serve to channel good energy. If the candles are yellow it will attract prosperity, if they are light green they will attract good luck and if they are purple, it will help to remove away any stress you could have in the family.

- If you want  economic prosperity, you should wear yellow underwear. Another ritual to attract money is to put some money in your right shoe or even drink the first cup of the year with a ring in (I would suggest not to swallow it ....).

- Also another ritual to pull good luck it to strike one of your shoes over your left shoulder and if it falls well placed it will mean that everything is going to be great and perfect, but if it falls upside down, then you should better start shaking .......

- To give branches of mistletoe, as a Celtic custom gift, during the year-end night will bring prosperity to others and yourself.

- Another idea is to put in an (empty) bottle of champagne pieces folded of paper with the wishes written on them, with no one to see them, then close the bottle with the cork and  thrown the bottle to the sea or a nearby river, asking for those wishes with all our love for our demands.

- If it happens that you do not have a sea nearby, another idea to attract good fortune is to write your wishes on a small sheet of paper, then store it in an envelope along with a pinch of sugar, a cinnamon stick and bay leaf under the mattress and sleep on it until that desire is fulfilled. When this happens we will thank (the envelope) and say goodbye to it and to its content ... ...

- It is also advisable to place golden objects on the table, because it symbolizes the entry of goods into the house (here we will have to hurry and go for a golden dinner service at Ikea stores....). And of course, it is important that there is nothing old, broken or dirty over the table.

- If what you are looking for on the new year is to live a passionate love, what you have to do is to wear that night red underwear  (the brighter and more intense, the better.)

- And if you want to have a year traveling over the world (I like this ritual....), what you have to do is take a suitcase full of clothes and other things of yours and make a complete tour over the house or around your building where you live pulling your suitcase, if you do like this then it is said you will have a great traveller year.

And well, you have nothing to lose by doing all these rituals, haven't you?  Personally  I'll try to call luck for the year to come, with all the power of my lungs, just in case fortune is a bit hard of hearing .....

And if it can be asked for, filled with health and jobs for everyone!

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  1. CHARO, MADRILEÑA2 January 2011 at 20:46

    the year it is necessary to begin it with ilusion and hope, we have to have the necessary energies and, put of our part in order that our desires are fulfilled, independently of rituals of the good luck.
    we have to sacrifice for the important things and, to love ourselves mutually some and others and, to help ourselves.

  2. Happy New year and best wishes !!

  3. Charo, in spite of the crisis and the rest we really have to start the year with our best hopes for the future and trying to be optimistic. Hugs and Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for your greeting Smalldot. Happy New Year and my best wishes for you too!

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