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Monday, 16 May 2011


Pippa Middleton, the real sensation in William and Kate's wedding, flew to Madrid last weekend to enjoy Saint Isidro's celebration. She came with several female friends and an old flame of hers, George Percy (the son of the Duke of Northumberland, one of Britain’s richest me), and she really made the most of her time in Madrid. Firstly, on Friday night they went to an exclusive local nightlife ("Fortuna").

On Saturday morning Pippa went shopping with her friends, in the afternoon all the group went  to see a bullfighting to Las Ventas, though it was cancelled because of the rain. Later they went to have dinner, consisted of paella and tapas and enjoyed a flamenco show at "Villa Rosa", probably the oldest drinking bar in Madrid, where they sang Happy Birthday to Percy and afterwards they went nightclubbing to another exclusive local called
"Penthouse", to have some drinks and finally, on Sunday morning they took a relaxing boat ride at Retiro's Park (one of Madrid's largest parks) with Percy as gondolieri. Certainly Princess Catalina's sister needed this short (though very well spent) break, after the stressful Royal wedding last month.


  1. Lucky her :) I'd love to come to this Spanish celebration too.

  2. Hi Laura, remember not to miss it next year jejejje! A big hug!

  3. I am so glad that I found your blog. There is so much joy and life in this blog and I love music. I have never been in Spain but right now I have a wonderful opportunity to "travel" to this beautiful country and listened to wonderful music.

    I send you my warmest spring wishes!!!!!!!!

  4. Kaya, you are so gentle! I am delighted you liked my blog, it is so gratifying to see that the work you are doing is appreciated by other people. And I am very happy you like my country, I hope you can enjoy and learn new things about it!

    Lots of hugs and my warmest wishes for you too!
    And have a lovely weekend!


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