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Sunday, 15 May 2011


If you fancy to read and learn more about this celebration, please click on the link of the post I wrote last year about it: San Isidro celebration.


And to finish this post so "madrileño" today, I am linking a video of the traditional madrileño dance: the "chotis", but firstly I am leaving just a few words about its origin:

The term "chotis" is a Castilianization of the word "schottisch", that means "Scottish" in German. To dance a "Schottisch" meant a slow Polka. In Madrid the chotis dance was first performed in 1850 at the Royal Palace, and so it was called "German Polka", shortly after it became the most traditional and popular dance in Madrid. Since then chotis has been performed in all the traditional feasts in Madrid (San Isidro, San Antonio and La Paloma).

Please pause the Ipod first  (sorry, the image quality
is not perfect but I haven't found a better copy)
see the man's feet.........


  1. Great pics, Nieves! My favorites are of the little kids in traditional dress and the food! YUM!

  2. Great shots :) The outfits are very cool but my favorite was of the churros; yummy!!

  3. Beautiful photos! What a glorious celebration!

  4. Hi Ashley! I am glad you liked the pics. Have you ever been to this celebration? I live quite close to it and I visit it every year but I always enjoy it and I don't get tired of snapping anything related to it and I especially like to take photos of babies. Kisses!

  5. Hi Señorita, yes the churros are something great, in fact, they are one of my weak points,I love them jejeje!

  6. Hello Dori, this traditional celebration is the most important held in Madrid, though there are some more quite alike, but this is biggest one. I love the costumes and the rosquillas too! Hugs and kisses Dori!


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