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Monday, 8 August 2011


in a party last June with Alfonso

This is not the first post I have written about her and it won’t be the last one but I have to admit she is one of my favourite celebrities in Spain, because of many reasons. And now she is again in the news because she has given away her inmense personal fortune in order to be free to marry his 60 aged fiancé Alfonso Diez.

The children of the Duchess have had until now blocked her plans to marry Alfonso Diez, a civil servant in the department of Social Security who also runs a PR business.

Her six children were all born from her first marriage to Pedro Luis Martinez de Irujo, son of the Duke of Sotomayor, who died in 1972. Being a widowed in 1978 she shocked the nation when she remarried to the former jessuist priest and intellectual Jesus Aguirre y Oritz de Zarate, who died in 2001. And in 2008 a new man appeared in the life of the Duchess, Alfonso Diez, whose relationship was said ti be based on a long friendship and without plans to marry. But things changed and meanwhile the civil servant was getting closer to the Duchess, the opposition of the children to the wedding was noticeable.

On February 26th, Cayetana of Alba criticized their behavior in an radio interview: "We do not know why my kids put difficulty into our relationship. We do not hurt anyone. I hope things will be sorted out. Alfonso wants nothing, he has renounced everything. He doesn’t want anything but me”. At that moment, the Duchess was already clearing out obstacles to their marriage plans.

At the beginning of July, before the family started summer holidays, Cayetana of Alba called all her children to a meeting in the office of notary Luis Nuñez in Madrid. Some weeks later we all learned why, after reading a press report from the Europa Press agency: the duchess had decided to donate part of their fortune in life. At 85, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the 18th Duchess of Alba and third woman to head the House of Alba in its 539 years of history, the aristocrat with so many titles that it is doubtful if she could recite them by heart, had decided to settle one of the thorniest issues in any family, what do I give to whom?

The duchess’s personal wealth is estimated at between 600m and 3.500bn euros, though she insists she is not that wealthy. She has said: "I have a lot of artworks, but I can’t eat them, can I?". And this is true, there is no doubt, but that includes: hundreds of paintings (velazquez, goyas, tizianos....), waterprints (even one signed by Charles Chaplin and another signed by Empress Eugenia de Montijo), tapestries, pieces of pottery, miniatures, a first edition of Don Quijote, Columbus’ first map of America and the last will and testament of King Fernando el Católico, father of Catherine of Aragon and many more…… But finally the distribution of the main part of the inheritance has been thus:

- Carlos Fitz-James Stuart (Madrid, 1948), the firstborn of the Duchess will receive the title, besides the Fundación Casa de Alba (with its palaces of Liria and Monterrey, among others), the collection of fifty dukedoms, marquis, counties and the responsibility to preserve the historical legacy of the House of Alba.

- Alfonso Martinez de Irujo, duke of Aliaga (Madrid, 1950), will receive the ancient castle of El Tejado (XIV) in Salamanca and several rural plots.

- Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, Earl of Siruela (Madrid, 1954), editorial director of the prestigious Siruela and Atalanta, will receive some rural properties.

- Fernando Martinez de Irujo, Marquis of San Vicente del Barco (Madrid, 1959) will inherit the stately home in Marbella Las Cañas and some farms.

- Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, Count of Salvatierra (Madrid, 1963) will own the palace of San Sebastian and Arbaizenea farmhouse Las Arroyuelas in Seville.

- Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, Duchess of Montoro (Madrid, 1968) will own an estate in Ibiza where the Duchess of Alba is just spending her summer holidays with her boyfriend. Also she will inherit the farmhouse La Pizana.

And the Duchess has also wanted to donate a country estate to eight of his nine grandchildren and the ninth grandchild (son of his firstborn) has inherited El Palacio de las Dueñas in Seville.

And now there is only one thing to wait for: the wedding, which presumably will take place in Seville next September. But meanwhile she is relaxing in Ibiza, perhaps thinking of her big day.......



  1. Wow wow wow!!!! rssss

    In fact, I love reading these curiosities that are often very eccentric.


  2. Sissy, deep down all of us enjoy these gossip stuff from time to time jejejeje... especially if it is about eccentric love stories like this one.... Kissessss!

  3. Hola Nieves!
    ¿Dónde están las playas? Aaaggg no será una broma con la foto de la,je,je.
    Un abrazo.

  4. APU, no, no era una broma jejejeje, las playas han tardado un poquito en colocarse en su sitio, pero ya están puestas para que se las vaya a visitar. Un abrazo,

  5. I truely think this is wonderful. The Duchess truely deserves happyness no matter what the cost is. I wish her many years of happyness. Her kids should be very grateful and allow their mother to enjoy her happyness. She has given to them not just monetary things but her love as well. I wish my mother was able to do the same for me. But I will settle for the love. God Bless the Duchess !

  6. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment about the Duchess, I think she is really a lively and brave woman with a great determination to get what she wants and now what she wants is to be happy with her boyfriend, in spite of everything and everybody, she does not care about what people thinks and that is, in my opinion, quite impressive, even most at her age.

    But at the same time, she wants her children to be happy, which not always every mother does unfortunately, as you well say.


  7. The Duchess of Alba that need this lady to marry at his age, clear economic wealth that has moved mountains.
    if it were a pensioner who charger 600 euros a month, to see if anyone wanted to marry her age, but if you cannot climb the panties, which makes the spirit of the money.

  8. Hi Charo, well perhaps the Duchess of Alba should marry someone of her same age, but love is love, you know and if she is excited about Alfonso Diez, why not let her enjoy and be happy? After all, love makes miracles and even her own health has improved a lot after dating him. Love is great, my friend!


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