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Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Whoever reads this blog regularly will have realised that the city of Granada and the Alhambra Palace is one of my favorite places in the world. I have a special weakness for it, I never get tired of admiring it, you could ever see that I am nearly bewitched for it, as also happened to Washington Irving and therefore everything that has to do with it appeals me in a magnetic way.

And today this post has to do with it. This summer the streets of the Bronx, New York, will be enraptured over the aroma of the gardens of the Alhambra in Granada, aromas of honeysuckle, lilac, orange, rose, jasmine or violet wrap the Big Apple, attracting the curious who want to visit the exhibition entitled “Spanish Paradise: Gardens of the Alhambra” and will be there until August 21 in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

A collage of sources, arcades, pomegranates and palm trees will lead them to believe that they are in the real and genuine Alhambra Palace, taking them back to the days of Nazaries kings that built it.

And amid all this, will also take place many different cultural events such as poetry readings of the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, born in Granada, or public recognition of the New York writer Washington Irving, who was one of the first to proclaim the cultural value of the Alhambra through his famous stories “Tales of La Alhambra”. The Hispanic Society of America has also collaborated with the assignment for this exhibition of paintings, photographs, prints and drawings.

And there will be room for dining with Mediterranean food tastings, for concerts of flamenco and even for Islamic gardening courses! I think this is an attractive offer for people who travel to New York this summer or for whom just live there? I think it is worth to write it down on your list to go see.

To know more about it, please just have a look at this video, with actress Sigourney Weaver introducing this exhibition:

At the same time, Moscow also runs until September 25 another exhibition entitled "Dialogues. Baroque painting from Museums of Andalusia", in the Heritage Museum, with paintings and eighteenth-century religious iconography of Zurbaran, Murillo, Alonso Cano, and some more.

On display are paintings from four cities of Andalusia (for all of them who still doesn’t know it, it is a beautiful region in the south of Spain): Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Cadiz. They are dated from the 17th century, which was considered as the Golden Age of Spanish painting and it was known in art history as the Baroque period.

So, two interesting chances to enjoy Spanish art for the lucky people who can travel to New York or Moscow this summer!


  1. The Alhambra is one of the rare places you read and dream about but when you are catually there it exceeds those dreams!

  2. Angela, you were also hypnotized by its enchantment, like me hahaha...! A big hug!

  3. Dear Nieves, here in your blog I have learned more about European culture, especially Spain. It is delightful to see the wealth of content. I wonder the chance to see a cultural event like this. Besides that I enjoy arts and floriculture.

    About Masquerade:
    Una vez yo estaba tan loco, lo dejé pasar el amor. Que no reconocí. Cuando me di cuenta, lo he perdido y ha cambiado toda mi vida. Lo volví a ver, pero no como me gustaría, podríamos tener la oportunidad de conocernos mejor.

    See you soon my dear friend!

  4. Hi Sissy, thanks for coming! I am so pleased you enjoy reading my blog and I have to tell you that I also enjoy very much writing and telling things about my country that I think can be of interest for curious and nice readers like you! Kisses for you my friend!


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