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Sunday, 17 March 2013


 The man who confessed to Diana of Wales two decades ago (“Diana, Her True Story”) now dissects the ladies of another monarchy that is now living his particular "annus horribilis", the Spanish monarchy, which is facing its biggest crisis since it was restored in 1975.

Andrew Morton (*) has been recently to Madrid introducing his latest book, "Ladies of Spain. Sofia, Elena, Cristina and Letizia. Between duty and love", which analyzes the current situation of the Reina Sofia, the Princesses Elena and Cristina and Princess of Asturias, Letizia.

In his book, Morton addresses without taboos the “separated”  marriage of the King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, the marriages with  love of their children and the personalities of their spouses commoners, and even surprising anecdotes, like the Princess Elena is a great fan of teleshopping.

To write this book and to defend himself against accusations by some people of plagiarism and unoriginal, he says he has worked in it during three years and he has spoken to many people very close to the Spanish court.

The author also discussed the current situation of the Spanish monarchy, cornered by financial scandals because of Iñaki Urdangarin’s dirty business and kings’s sex scandals, recognizing that the world is now more interested in the Spanish monarchy that in the Windsors. Even the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal regularly write about it.

According to Morton the monarchy in Spain is like a coat you wear and take off, depending of the different historical situations, while in England, for example, the monarchy is like the rain, it's always there.

According to Morton, Letizia is the mirror Catherine of Wales should look at

Asked about which of the four ladies he is most interested. he said he preferred Cristina and Letizia. Cristina, because of the situation she is living at the moment, halfway between her love for Iñaki Urdangarin and her love for her father and her duty to the monarchy. And Letizia, because she is a woman of extremes, who has had a rich and varied love life and from whom he tells she is bossy, perfectionist and very intelligent.

Related to Doña Sofia, the author says she has got a full loyalty in her DNA and that when she got married to the king she did it for duty. And also he explains that she is not a victim but, on the contrary, she deserves the utmost respect.

Regarding to the King Juan Carlos he tells in his controversial book that he has been with 1500 women throughout his life (he even explains that during the honeymoon of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles in Palma de Mallorca, the Spanish king made a pass at her, although unsuccessfully).

And his last advice for the King is as simple as: Keep calm and carry on........

And finally, the author is already threatening to write his next book about the German Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, the last "very close friendship" of the king, as she acknowledged in a recent interview with a Spanish newspaper. Thus, the story does not end here, but it will be continued .....

(*) Andrew Morton's controversial author of other books like:

Diana: Her story brings in her own words (1992)
Monica's Story (1999)
Posh & Becks (2000)
Madonna (2001)
Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography (2010)
Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography (2010)
William & Catherine: Their Story (2011)


  1. michael mifsud8 April 2013 at 16:25

    Andrew Morton is a sensationalist of little worth. He appeals to what gossip mongers want to hear and his efforts after the book on Princess Diana have not taken the public in remotely the same way. His first approached me,prompted by the press, at a hotel during a Royal tour and I sent him packing and he managed on that same day to get into the confidences of a female member of the Palace team who eventually led him to The Princess. She had an axe to grind against the Prince and between the two of them they made him a fortune. It probably led to her death and as such he is not a writer, but a scandalmonger. His research if you can call it that, is no more than back alleyway gossip from mainly envious people or those who have not got what they wanted from the Royals. Morton has no real capability of seeing things in a balanced context and why anyone should wonder who has gone to bed with what, perhaps they should ask him if he ever did that to be able to scrounge a bit of support.

    1. Thanks very much Michael for leaving your comment, it is very interesting to see the other side of the coin. Regards,


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