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Sunday, 16 September 2012


After a long summer vacation I am back here again (time really flies!) and whereas I am working on the new posts to come on this blog (including about my holidays in Portugal, Granada and Ireland) I just wanted to post today about Letizia and his 40th birthday, which was held yesterday.

It was 9 years ago when this TV newsreader married to the heir of Spain monarchy, Felipe de Borbón, and certanily the life of Letizia Ortiz has changed a lot since then.

During these years she had to face remarks and gossips such as she was ambitious, perfectionist or even, anorexic. And she had to face up to the suicide of one of her sisters, Erika,  in 2007 years ago. But the truth is that Letizia, the eldest daughter of a journalist and a nurse, in the lowest hours of the Spanish monarchy, has proved to be in the highest position, accomplishing her mission perfectly as Princess, even much better than many people thought she would.

And on the occasion of her 40 birthday, a very remarkable Spanish photographer, Cristina Garcia Rodero (the only Spanish member at the American Magnum Photos Agency), has made a beautiful illustrated report of the Princess with the Prince and their two little daughters: Leonor (6) and Sofia (5). And I have chosen some of these photographs to share here with you today. I hope you enjoy them. 

 Happy Birthday Princess Letizia!


  1. She's beautiful! Happy birthday, princess Letizia!
    How was your summer? Sounds like lot of fun. Can not wait for the stories and pictures :)
    Hugs from Ohio,

    1. Hi Ivana, I am very pleased to see you here again after the long holidays! In fact I think to turn to 40 years is a great age for a woman nowadays. I am doing the job about writing and chosing the photos about my trips, but that is taking me a long time, but I will try to post about it along the autumm and winter. Kisses and I hope you have a beautiful weekend in Ohio!

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    1. Your words are quite interesting. Thanks for coming and leaving your comment.


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